Regulations race series Sudtirol.Cup.Mountain 2023

The Südtirol.Berg.Cup/Sudtirol.Cup.Mountain bike race series 2023 consists of the following bike races:

  • MendelRace Appiano – Passo della Mendola
  • 11. Edelrot Trophäe Lana – Passo Palade
  • M2BIKE Trophy - Passo Giovo

Important: Information on individual competitions and registration is available at under Races and should be requested from the respective organisers.

Cancellations or postponements will be communicated in good time by the respective organisers. There is no clarity regarding sponsor support. In any case, the organisers will do their utmost to obtain attractive prizes for the awards.
Each race is an independent event, so it is up to each individual participant to take part in one, several or all of the races in this series.

All amateur cyclists in possession of a racing licence from the national cycling federation and/or another cycling federation recognised by the national Olympic committee, valid for the current year, from the age of 17 years ("free participation") can participate.
Non-members must purchase so-called 'FCI day licences' for the respective race; for this purpose, the presentation of a valid sports medical certificate of fitness for cycling discipline is mandatory.
No other discipline is valid and therefore will not be accepted!

A cycling helmet is compulsory for all races!
This applies from the moment the start number is attached to the bike or when inspecting the course on race day.

The start numbers must be attached so that they are legible at all times during the race: attached to the handlebars.

Participants are advised not to litter (e.g. bar wrappers, gels, etc.) on the road.
Abandonment of waste will result in disqualification.

The races take place on public roads, therefore the provisions of the Highway Code must be observed.
In addition, the UCI and FCI rules applicable to road races must be observed, and all participants undertake, by registering for one of these races, to comply with the valid anti-covid rules before, during and after the respective race.
The organisers may make changes to the route in the event of extraordinary circumstances.
A maximum of 200 participants are allowed per race.

In individual competitions, a classification will be drawn up in each of the following amateur categories - male and female - provided there are at least three participants per category in the classification:

  • Junior Sport (17-18 yrs.)
  • Elite Sport (19-29 yrs.)
  • Master 1 (30-34 yrs.) - Master 2 (35-39 yrs.) - Master 3 (40-44 yrs.) - Master 4 (45-49 yrs.) - Master 5 (50-54 yrs.) - Master 6 (55-59 yrs.) - Master 7 (60-64 yrs.) - Master 8 (da 65 yrs.)

The top 10 finishers in each category will receive points as follows:
1st place 20 points - 2nd place 18 points - 3rd place 16 points - 4th place 14 points - 5th place 12 points - 6th place 10 points - 7th place 8 points - 8th place 6 points - 9th place 4 points - 10th place 2 points
from 11th place onwards, each participant will receive 1 point.

The organiser of a race may set a maximum time for his race that may not be exceeded in order to be included in the classification of the respective race. This maximum time for women and men will be stipulated in the regulations of the individual race, if applicable. Failure of a participant to be classified in one race does not result in exclusion from the overall classification of the Südtirol.Berg.cup, provided that he/she has scored points in at least one of the other races.

After each race, the points will be added up and a ranking will be drawn up which will give the final result of the race series at the end of the last race. The top 3 places in each category of the race series will be awarded at the end of the last race.

In addition, there will be an overall ranking for each of the women and men based on the above-mentioned point system. The top three finishers in each case will receive prizes based on the support granted by the sponsors of the race series.

All prizes will only be awarded to athletes present in person.

The members of a South Tyrolean cycling club with an FCI competitive licence with the most points in their category at the end of the race series will be national champions in that category, provided they have scored in at least 50 per cent of the cycling races they have competed in.

Participation in the competitions is at one's own risk and responsibility.
The organising committees decline all liability for accidents, theft, injuries and damage of any kind that may occur to participants and/or third parties before, during and after the event.

Participants classified in all races actually held will receive a 'Sudtirol.Cup.Montagna' T-shirt at the final award ceremony (if any) as a token of recognition.

Random doping controls during individual races are possible at any time!
In the event of a positive doping control in one of the races of the Südtirol.Berg.Cup 2023, the participant who tested positive must pay a fine of € 10,000 (ten thousand euros) to the organising cycling club of the race in which the doping control occurred for the damage to the reputation of the event and the entire series of races within 30 days of the announcement of the positive doping control result.
The sums received due to the aforementioned fines will be allocated to the clubs of the Südtirol.Berg.Cup 2023 for the promotion of cycling.

By registering for one of the above-mentioned races, the athlete expressly declares that he has read and fully accepted the regulations of the race and the race series Sudtirol.Cup.Montagna 2023.


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