The story of Dynamic Bike Team

Dynamic Bike Team Eppan ... how it all began


In the distant year 1988, 7 cycling enthusiasts decided to found their own cycling club. And the name was quickly found: Bike Club Appiano. The founding members at that time were Maurizio and Lorenzo Albrigo, Silvano Corona, Christian Hafer, Francesco Todesco, Marcello Paternoster (who was also appointed 1st president) and Hans Telfner, 1st vice president of the club at that time.

The first jerseys were immediately produced in the colours violet and blue; there was no sponsor at the beginning.

Out of necessity, the decision was made to acquire a vehicle for the joint journeys to the now greatly increased number of races. This was found: a second-hand Mercedes bus was purchased - the costs were shared among the founding members. The future club bus was then repainted in the new club colour. This was used to travel to the various races together. The racing bikes were all attached to the roof of the bus on a specially welded wheel carrier and transported - the idea for this construction came from Lorenzo.

Bike Club Eppan/Bici Club Appiano neuer Vereinsbus 1988


A short time later, the first advertising partner was found in the form of Riunione Adriatica di Sicurtà, or RAS Insurance. New cycling uniforms were immediately made, which were now coloured red with the logo and lettering of the new sponsor in white.

Bike Club Eppan/Bici Club Appiano erster Sponsor RAS


At that time, the boys took part in various races in northern Italy with their racing bikes; and were also on the road abroad to take part in well-known races such as the "Karwendel Tour" (in the 80s one of the first real cycling marathons in Europe), or the now internationally known and popular Ötztal Cycling Marathon.

Bike Club Eppan/Bici Club Appiano Rennradrennen im In- und Ausland


Soon afterwards - in 1989 - a bike shop opened in Eppan that is still known beyond the borders of the country: the "Sanvit Bike & Fitness" shop run by Arthur Röggl and Andreas Hofer. By the way, you can find the story here :
The boys, who were keen on cycling, bought their first mountain bikes here and also took part in some races with them; in South Tyrol but also outside, e.g. in Val Di Sole.

Well-known races at the time included the "Trento - Cornaiano" (start in Trento and finish at the Schreckbichl winery), the "Circuito di Zambana di Trento", various circuits in Bolzano and Merano (Halfing-Vöran and Auer-Salurn-Tramin) and mountain races (Salurn-Gfrill).

At that time, the idea of participating in the popular time trial races grew. For this purpose, they had their own bikes, so-called time trial bikes, assembled by hand in Trento and used the latest top material on the market, such as the "ruote lenticolari" (disc wheels, i.e. closed wheels with a cover), which Francesco Moser also used for his world hour record.

Bike Club Eppan/Bici Club Appiano Cronometro Zeitfahrrennen


In the meantime, the group of racers had grown by a few members: names like Adriano Bomiero, Albert and Johanna Rinner, Albert Kofler, Stefan Kraner, Antonio Anglani joined them ... and also Arthur Röggl, who switched from the Verein Tiroler Radler to the Eppaners. And they were also able to present a new sponsor: the name Bike Club Eppan Sanvit says it all.

Bike Club Eppan/Bici Club Appiano Sanvit neuer Sponsor Rennen Trento-Monticolo


Due to the steadily growing number of members, and their far-flung origins, the Eppan cycling club was renamed from then on: the more appropriate name Bike Club Überetsch / Bici Club Oltradige was chosen.

Bike Club Überetsch/Bici Club Oltradige Hans Telfner 1. Dolomiti Superbike 1995


At the end of the 1998 season, the idea was to give the club a new look.
The new millennium was approaching, the board had to be reorganised and new cycling clothing had to be purchased. So they dared to take this important step in the history of the association.
After numerous discussions and debates, the new board under President Martin Giovanazzi chose the name Dynamic Bike Team from an endless list of suggested names - a milestone of the current Eppan cycling team!

Of course, this had to be communicated to everyone immediately.
Here you can find the excerpt from the Überetscher Gemeindeblatt of Friday 11 December 1998 -> to the article


Here is the chronological development of the Dynamic Bike Team jersey (see picture gallery)

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