Mountain Bike Kids Course 2024

6/4 - 10/5/24

Mountain bike course for children from 7 years / primary school


Attention parents: our MTB children's course will be held again this year! In a total of 5 units, the kids learn how to handle a mountain bike in a playful and versatile way in the company of other children.

Here are the current dates for the course:

  • Course duration: From april 6th to may 10th 1x a week (2 groups)

  • When: First session on Saturday april 6th, then every Friday (in the period from 15.30-18.45 h, 1.5 h per group).

  • Where: In the Sportzone Rungg in Montiggl/Eppan

  • Cost: EUR 80 (membership fee and liability insurance are included)

  • What does my child need? A mountain bike that is fit to ride and a suitable helmet! Gloves and cycling glasses (with bright lenses) are an advantage.

After completing the course, interested kids can join the junior groups, with regular training 2x per week.
Information and registration can be found here on our website in the MTB Kinderkurs section.
We are looking forward to a large number of children who are enthusiastic about cycling!

© Photo & text: Andy Pichler / Dynamic Bike Team Eppan
All rights reserved - Reproduction without permission is prohibited

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