"Via Claudia Augusta" cycling relay

14 - 15/10/2023

Cycling relay on the ancient "Via Claudia Augusta" - from the Danube to the Po River and the Adriatic Sea


"After two thousand years of history, Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient Roman road that led from the Po River lowlands and the Adriatic Sea all the way to Bavaria and the Danube, is enjoying a renaissance. With the end of conflict and a united Europe, the Via Claudia Augusta has become a bridge joining and blending cultures, places and emotions. It is a symbolic route that spans three nations, each with its own diverse landscape and traditions, artistic treasures and culinary specialities, marked by a more approachable, youthful and ecologically sustainable tourism. The itinerary invites us to leave our watches at home to explore places and landscapes from a fresh perspective, attentive to the colours, subtle nuances, fragrances and flavours of the history that permeates everything here.

The Via Claudia Augusta is a road that has connected the north and south of Europe for thousands of years - before the Romans, during the Roman Empire, in the Middle Age and in modern times - until today."


The organisation "Via Claudia Augusta" organised a cycling relay on the weekend of 14 and 15 October on the famous old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta from the Danube to the Adriatic Sea or the river Po. The whole thing in the style of courier riders in history, who transported important messages across the Alps at a similar pace.

The route with a length of about 700 kilometres was mastered by a colourful group of different cycling clubs, with each of the clubs cycling a section.

The Dynamic Rad Team from Eppan did not want to miss this opportunity to participate and took over the stage from Algund to San Michele all'Adige on Sunday morning. The start at the Roman bridgehead was around 7 a.m., the route with a length of just under 70 kilometres was ridden by the 5 participants present in just over 2 hours. After arriving in San Michele, they handed over to the next team - the Veloce Club Trentino 1887 - which then mastered the next section. From Trento we continued on two separate routes: the ADRIA route cycled to Altino/Venice, the PO route to Ostiglia.

At 5 p.m. (Altino) and shortly after 6 p.m. (Ostiglia) the last relay team reached their destination.


© Photo & text: viaclaudia.org / Andy Pichler / Dynamic Bike Team Eppan
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